The Fazlehaq College, Mardan

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Peshawar region has been the nerve centre of the Muslim Empire in the Sub-Continent. Great leaders of men in arms, administrators, statesmen, poets, mystics, leaders of religious thought, artists and architects born and bred in this area have distinguished themselves in our history. With the break-up of the empire and loss of independence, this area languished in the back waters and except for a fortunate few,who exchanged conscience for gold, the community fell a prey to local feuds, decay of education and economic backwardness. In the struggle for revival and rehabilitation we lagged behind other areas and consequently our progress in economic development and education is only a recent story, most of it relating to the post-independence era.

In our efforts to regain our place of prominence in national life, it is very necessary to bring education to the door steps of villagers.  It is equally vital to promote programmes of intensive training to generate competitive ability as well as to provide talented leadership in science, technology, culture, trade and commerce, business and industry for a better life of the people in this region.  This objective lends support and meaning to our efforts for creating this College for quality education.  It will serve also as a model for our rural schools in N.W.F.P and other developing regions of Pakistan.

The College comprises three self-contained units namely the Preparatory School, the Junior School and the Senior School. The Preparatory School is administered by a Headmistress and the Junior and Senior Schools by a Headmaster each. Each school’s Academic Coordinator provides up-to—date resource material, teacher training facilities and curriculum guidelines to the teachers. The Vice Principal assists the Principal in academic and administrative activities.

The Principal is responsible for the academic policies and overall supervision, control and administration of the College. He is also the Member/ Secretary of the Board of Governors and is invested with the executive authority assigned to him by the Board of Governors.




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