The Fazlehaq College, Mardan

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Academic excellence is only one dimension of the important role that The Fazlehaq College is playing well and preparing young people to show outstanding performances. We being a reputed institution are nurturing leaders and heroes  for various future roles so we consider co-curricular activities as a key aspect of the curriculum.

What does curriculum do?

• Provides information/ objectives/ attainment targets

• Increases challenge

• Saves teacher’s time

• Displays sample for innovative teachers

• Polishes students’ skills

• Sets procedures through time frame

• Helps them to discover their intelligence

• Differentiate between intelligent and unintelligent/ less intelligent students

Academic excellence is only one dimension

(Co- curricular challenges)

Academic excellence is only one dimension of the important role that The Fazlehaq College is playing well and preparing young people to show outstanding performance in it. All the reputed schools admit that they are nurturing leaders and heroes for the future so they consider co- curricular activities as a key part of the curriculum.

The Fazlehaq College feels proud in its co- curricular programmes, offering a range of group and individual activities where all aspects of young personalities and talents can be nourished and stretched. Clubs/ Societies and sports are not only a break from the rigours of the classroom but also an important opportunity to develop team- working and leadership skills.

The Fazlehaq College believes that students’ behavior cannot be changed by teaching or preaching alone. In fact, the effect of teaching discipline or manners is more negative than positive. Good manners and good discipline should be practised than taught. The best way to inculcate good manners and good discipline is to conduct a number of activities where children are supposed to follow certain procedures/rules which automatically inculcate certain traits in the long run. Younger ones following older children is another sure way of learning good manners and behavior.

In addition to enhance inborn skills Co curricular activities create great opportunities for children to develop good behavior, manners, discipline and personality. Clubs/ Societies are being constituted to shape hobbies and interests into Common practices found in FCM are given below:

i. Social Services Society (Social Workers’ Club)

ii. Environment Promotion Society (Environmentalists’ Society/ Environment Promotion Force / Environmentalists’ Club / Environment Promotion League)

iii. Debaters’ Society (Debaters’ association / Young Debaters’ Club/Young Debaters’ Union)

iv. Quizmasters’ Club (General Knowledge Society / Quiz masters’ Circle)

v. Art and Craft Society

vi. Broadcasting Unit (Broadcasters’ Union / Broadcasters’ Society)

vii. Young Journalists’ Union (Young Journalists’ Association / Young Journalists’ Circle)

viii. The Orators’ Guild (Young Orators’ Club / The Orators’ Circle / The Orators’ Union)

ix. Young Writers’ Club (Young Writers’ Forum / Young Writers’ Fellowship / Young Writers’ Association)

x. Music and Drama Society (The Entertainment Club)

xi. The Arts Society (Young Artists / Young Painters’ Club / The Painters’ Association)

xii. Prefects’ Guild (Prefect council / The Council of Prefects)

xiii. Sports Clubs