The Fazlehaq College, Mardan

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Vision :

A School is envisioned as a community of hard workers and honest human beings that respects and appreciates our diversities and similarities. An environment in which academic rigor is valued at all stages and  the class room focuses on challenges, engagement and achievement.

We visualize education as a continuous process to generate competitive ability and to provide talented leaership in s ciences, technology, culture, trade commerce adn industry for a better life of our nation, however all our efforts are embedded in the Islamic values.



Our mission is to make education creative and meaningful, so that our students are trained for a role of leaderhip in the society.  Along with character building and competitive ability, they are given a good physical training in sports and games.  As a strong and enlightened mind exists in a strong and healty body.  Every effort  is being made to instil in them sense of respect  human equality, social justice, love for social service to respect others feelings, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, bravery and dignity of labour.