The Fazlehaq College is basically a residential educational institution providing state of the art accommodation facilities to its students and staff. Our students come from all Provinces of Pakistan and FATA to study here as boarders. Some, who live within travelling distance, choose to study as day boarder/ day scholar.

Houses for Boarders:

A total of four Boarding Houses have been functioning in the College.

(i) Karlanr House

Motto ; Path Ba Palum

Colour : Red and Black

Dormitories : Khyber, Kurram, South Waziristan, Orakzai, North

Waziristan, Mohmand, Malakand and Bajaur.

(ii) Abdali House

Motto : Learn and Conquer

Colour : Maroon

Names of wings: Blue, Yellow, Red and


(iii) Sir Sahibzada House

Motto : Proud Humble and


Colour : Green

Names of Wings: Tipu Sultan, Rohila,

Baluch, Mehran.

(iv) Sher Shah Suri House

Motto : Courage and Perseverance

Colour : Red

Names of Wings: Panthers, Warriors, Eagles

Houses for Day Boarders:

(iii) Ghaznavi House (Preparatory School)

Motto : Onward

Colour : Gray

(v) Yousafzai House (Junior School)

Motto : Die for honour

Colour : Gold

(vii) Khushal House (Senior School)

Motto : Zh-Nangyale

Colour : Beige

Each house is supervised by a Housemasters and Assistant Housemasters.